Top 5 Emerging Teams to Watch in the FIFA World Cup 2022


The FIFA WorldCup 2022 is a little more than a year away, and the world’s soccer fans are already gearing up for what figures to be another exciting tournament. With that being said, there are still plenty of teams that have yet to make their mark on the international stage. Here are my top five emerging teams to watch in the 2022 tournament:


If you’re a football fan and haven’t heard of Brazil, then it’s time to catch up. The South American country has one of the most successful teams in the world cup. They’ve won five World Cups overall, which is more than any other team in history (Germany comes second with four). Brazil also holds two Copa Americas titles and two Confederations Cups.

It’s not just about how many trophies they’ve won; it’s about how they got them too! In 1994 and 2002, for example, Brazil was considered underdogs but went on to win both tournaments by playing an exciting brand of football that captured hearts around the world.


The Argentina national team is one of the most successful teams in the history of the FIFA World Cup, having won it on two occasions (1978 and 1982). In addition to them being the only team to have won two consecutive World Cups, they also hold the record for most Copa América titles with 16. They are one of only five national teams never to have played in an official FIFA World Cup Final or won any major international tournament (the others being Bolivia, Cameroon, and Iraq). After winning their third straight Copa América title in 2016, Argentina became one of only 12 nations to win this competition three times or more.

Argentina’s first appearance on Soccer’s biggest stage was in Chile in 1930 where they finished 4th after losing 1–0 against Uruguay in their opening match.[2] The first game between these two countries at a major tournament was in 1930 when Argentina knocked out Uruguay 7–3 at Estadio El Teniente stadium;[3]  this match remains both countries’ largest win at any FIFA World Cup event.[4]

During the next few decades until 1966 when Argentina hosted their first World Cup final game against West Germany which ended up being a 0–4 loss for the home side once again.


  • The current World Cup holders and European champions, Belgium are a team that can never be written off. They have a strong squad with a lot of depth and an attacking unit that is among the best in the world.
  • They also have youngsters who are ready to step up when needed, such as Youri Tielemans and Adnan Januzaj, who won’t be shy about taking their chances on the big stage if called upon by Roberto Martinez.
  • With Eden Hazard leading the line for them as one of Europe’s most exciting players right now, it’s hard not to like Belgium’s prospects going into 2022.


If you’re looking for an emerging team to watch in this year’s World Cup, France is a great choice. They’ve been performing well over the past few years and are building up steam as they head into 2022. With some of the best players in the world on their roster, there’s no telling what they’ll be able to do when they hit Qatar next summer.

France has always been a powerhouse squad; however, they haven’t had a lot of luck at recent World Cups. They made it all the way to the finals in 2018 but got eliminated by Germany after losing 2-0 in extra time. The loss was especially devastating because it happened right after making it so far into the competition—it felt like such a waste for them not to win after working so hard just to get there.


Spain’s team is a very strong, talented team. They have a good chance of winning this World Cup and they are one of the favorites to win it all.

Spain has been one of the top teams in World Cup history, so it’s no surprise that they will be in 2022 as well.

They could even make it to the finals if they keep playing like this!


We’ve covered five teams that could make some noise in 2022. As you can see, there are a lot of exciting options out there for the next World Cup. We hope you enjoyed this read and found something new to love about your favorite team!